What is CrossFit?

Constantly Varied

Our workouts are different every day. The variance component means we workout to be prepared for the unknown and unknowable circumstances that life and or sport may throw at us. We train to be ready for life and to support our lifestyle outside of the gym.
We work all aspects of fitness, encompassing all the skills and abilities the body is capable of expressing.


Boot Camp

Functional Movement

Simply put, these are movements that require multiple joints and multiple muscles to work together as team to accomplish the full movement, such as the squat. The exercises and workouts actually transfer to real life activities, to sports, and more importantly, help us lead a better life in our elderly years.

Our workouts are primarily composed of functional movements, which come in countless variations and styles in order to accommodate for any person regardless of age, injuries, special needs or any lack of fitness. This means even grandma could join Riptide CrossFit and become healthier. She will learn how to properly squat and deadlift, and now go back home and restore her ability to pick up things at the house, move them around, and use the bathroom and bathe herself without any assistance!

We are restoring and maintaining our ability to be functional and independent human beings, therefore improving our quality of life, for the rest of our life.

High Intensity

This is where everyone gets scared, and that’s ok. Being scared is part of being human, and without fear we would’ve already become extinct as a species. However, it’s important to understand the value of intensity and how to develop it, safely and effectively.

To begin, intensity is relative to the individual’s psychological and physical tolerances. Grandma’s intensity is going to be SIGNIFICANTLY different than Ana’s intensity; a 19 year old Olympic sailor who competes for gold medals. (True story, Ana is one of our own and future USA Olympic Sailor).

However, they both perform variations of functional movements at different degrees to derive the same benefits of being a healthier, more functional person. Ana will become a better sailor, and grandma’s vitals will improve, as well as her ability to move around the house and the local market, safely.

Everyone begins with ZERO to low intensity, and this progresses slowly and organically, along with the person’s natural improvement in fitness. This process can vary anywhere from 1 month to 1 year, and in some instances, intensity is always low and the athlete exercises without this component.


Boot Camp

Universally Scalable

What does “universally scalable” mean? Scalability allows us to alter the daily workouts to a member’s age, experience or athletic prowess, etc. We understand that many folks join CrossFit to get in shape and will not be able to complete the prescribed workout or movements. Using a systematic approach to scaling down, we are able to mimic what the member will see written on the whiteboard and get a great workout that will get results for that individual.


The Crossfit Games

We are NOT the CrossFit Games. Though an exciting competition and incredible test of fitness, the Games is equivalent to competing at the Tour de France. Only professional, sponsored athletes who have dedicated their entire youth and life to sports and competition, make it to this point. These are typically athletes who come from competitive high school and college sports, then find CrossFit along the way.

At Riptide CrossFit, we do similar exercises and use the same foundational training methodology. However, we workout to a degree that the weekend warrior wanting to run the local Spartan Obstacle Race or the everyday mom and dad need to support their everyday, hectic lifestyle.

Want To Compete?

Come test our RX+ program and see how you measure up. Fitness must be proven, and for those looking to compete in local throwdowns, excel in the CrossFit Open,  or simply want to push to limits beyond their current capacity, our RX+ programming is just for you.

Looking for something even better? Talk to Santiago, our Head Coach, for individualized resources in order to take your fitness to that higher level.