QR Codes

Some of the coolest shortcodes and features of Equestrian are the QR Code Shortcodes.  You can use them anywhere in the website, to display nice short information about things that your visitors can save easily on their mobile devices. You can set 9 types of QR codes with any size and any alignment.

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[simple-qr size=”160″ type=”url” url=”demo.curlythemes.com/qr” margin=”20″ alt=”Custom QR Code Alt”]

Contact QR Code

[simple-qr  type=”contact” name=”Curly Themes” address=”Berliner Strasse no. 10, Berlin” phone=”00490724442443″ email=”support@curlythemes.com” margin=”20″ size=”160″]

Email QR Code

[simple-qr size=”160″  type=”email” email=’support@curlythemes.com’ subject=”Simple QR Codes” message=”We all love QR Codes” margin=”20″]

Location QR Code

[simple-qr size=”160″  type=”geo” lat=”40.7484″ lon=”-73.9847″ height=”443″ margin=”20″]

Phone QR Code

[simple-qr size=”160″  type=”phone” phone=”(202) 358-0000″ margin=”20″]


[simple-qr size=”160″  type=”sms” phone=”(202) 358-0000″ message=”This is a Simple Qr Code SMS” margin=”20″]

Text QR Code

[simple-qr size=”160″ type=”text” text=”This is a Simple QR Code” margin=”20″]


[simple-qr size=”160″  type=”wifi” wifi_type=”Open” ssid=”Simple-QR-Code” password=”” margin=”20″]

Bookmark QR

[simple-qr size=”160″  type=”bookmark” title=”Simple QR Code” url=”http://demo.curlythemes.com/qr” margin=”20″]

Auto QR

[simple-qr size=”160″  type=”auto” margin=”20″]

Key Features

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  • Nine types of QR codes available to be used anywhere on the website
  • Each QR code can have custom size and margins
  • Unlimited number of QR codes can be used on any page