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Riptide’s Personal Training Program can be utilized as an accessory to the weekly Bootcamp and CrossFit classes depending on your goal(s) or it can be a separate training protocol altogether. Personal training consists of a 1-hour session with one of Riptides coaches and can be purchased in packages. Pricing depends on whether you are a Riptide Gym Member, the amount of sessions you purchase up front and whether it is 1-on-1 (1 coach: 1 client) or 1-on-2 (1 coach: 2 clients). There are 3 areas of personal training that Riptide offers to cater to our member and the Fort Lauderdale community’s needs and wants.

Skill Specific: Weight Lifting & CrossFit Gymnastics

Boot-campSkill Specific Personal Training is for the athlete that is looking for more individual coaching regarding a specific skill with in the CrossFit realm of training. Examples include Olympic Lifting, Hand-Stand variations, Muscle-up variations etc. Typically this style of personal training will be more focused on education and attention to detail with the athlete. It may take a single session to achieve the athlete’s goal or it could be a weekly or bi-weekly practice for several months. If you are curious if this style of training will achieve your goal, consult one of Riptides trainers.

Sport Specific:

crossfit-progSport Specific Personal Training will cater to the athlete who wants to use strength and conditioning principles to better themselves at their particular sport. This style of personal training will be focused on identifying the athletes weaknesses in regard to their sport and then developing a program that meets this athletes needs. Examples include: addressing proper hip rotational movement, generating hip explosiveness and learning how to stabilize the core through certain movement patterns. If you are not a current Riptide member, feel free to call or email the gym to inquire if this style of personal training will meet your needs.


rxplusBody Composition Personal Training will have a component of nutritional
education along with detailed movement descriptions. This style of personal training will be the most liberal in how it is instructed and communicated based on the trainer and the athlete’s goals. Body Composition Training should ideally have a 1-3 month commitment from the athlete to train 1-2x a week with the trainer. This is where real results happen and the athlete can expect to shave off body fat and add lean-muscle mass. Body Composition personal training is a great accessory to Riptide’s Bootcamp program along with training for a specific lifetime event like a wedding to get in the best shape of your life.

Non-Member Pricing


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  • Not a member at Riptide CrossFit? No problem! We are here for your personal training needs.

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