Our Programs

How do we get Fit?

CrossFit Group Training Classes

These are small group, semi-personalized, training sessions, that are led and guided by one of our professional trainers. They are one hour long, and work the full body on daily basis. 

These are the 10 general skills we work and train in CrossFit, using various exercises:

Cardiovascular endurance, stamina, strength and flexibility – These are organic skills. To get better at these we just have to put in the time running, rowing, biking, lifting, and stretching to develop and improve upon these elements.

Coordination, agility, balance and accuracy- These are the neurological skills. These are the skills that demand concentration, thinking and learning how to rewire our brain and thought process to connect body and mind, so the body can do whatever the brain tells it to do.  Developing these skills allows us to develop the more refined movements required for sport and life.

Examples in daily life include running an obstacle course, dribbling a soccer ball or basketball, throwing a baseball or football, catching, jumping rope, or even playing a musical instrument at a high level.

Power and Speed – These are a combination of the organic and neurological skills. These are regarded as some of the more challenging skills to develop, yet the ones that yield the most results in how we look, feel and perform. These are the skills many Olympic disciplines focus on, such as track and field events, gymnastics and weightlifting.

These small classes are the heart of the community, and the nesting grounds for building positive, meaningful relationships. You will meet great people, have fun and workout in an energetic, motivating environment.  We take each of our members, build relationships, create accountability groups and guide everyone to making better decisions to improve your lifestyle, one day at a time.