Meet Our Staff

Assistant Coach – Robert Thomas Plamondon

Fascination with fitness began at a very young age for myself in a small town just north of Boston, MA. Consistently going to the gym since the ripe age of nine years old, I have tried almost every type of exercise in almost any style of gym in America. I’m the guy at the gym 7 days a week as well every Friday night (while friends are at the bar tossing a few back) constantly looking for a new way to better myself and the ones around me. I’ve been around athletics my entire life from Basketball to baseball to soccer to golf. The aspect(s) of athletics that interests me the most are its competitive nature as well as the ability to never stop learning.

Ive always been one to strive for perfection in technique and have had relentless commitment to hard work, as I feel short cuts get short results. I started to apply this mentality not only to activity inside the gym but also to golf in high school, as it was my first true love. From this hard work I turned professional in 2012. I have competed in 6 pro events to date with more quickly approaching as the PGA Tours Florida swing comes to town this winter. I am self taught and have never taken a personal lesson in my life. My skill came from my commitment to the game and the “want” to be better than I was yesterday. I began teaching others my methods that are universally applicable (trained professional motocross riders to other professional golfers as well as general fitness/aesthetic enthusiast) and gained a quick following. Where most teachers have been told what to say… I tell you what it actually takes as I’ve done it myself.

I see CrossFit, and Fitness, as tools to success as opposed to an end all be all type of activity. Fitness can do much more than just help you lose weight or gain muscle, it can condition you in ways mentally that will help you succeed in any endeavor you take on in life. Discipline learned in the gym can be applied in your job, in the classroom, the race track, the golf course, etc… and vice versa. I’m taking my competitive nature from athletics and now starting to apply them in power-lifting and weightlifting competitions, always trying something new and pushing the limits!
I plan on sharing my wealth of knowledge in fitness, athletics, nutrition, technique and general experiences with those who want to better themselves right beside me. I feel everyone on this planet has an equal opportunity to be great, as greatness itself is blind and discriminates no one, you just have to work hard for it.

CrossFit Level 1 Coach