Boot Camp

Riptide Boot Camp

Boot What? The Boot Camp is designed to whip your Booty into shape through the efficacy of interval training. Every session begins with mobility and stretching drills, and focuses on isolated and core exercises. Each day is programmed using various work-to-rest ratios to maximize physical adaptations.

Boot Who? The Boot Camp is designed for ALL FITNESS LEVELS. From couch potatoes to fitness enthusiast, our scale-downs and ramp-ups will allow you to get the best workout to fit your intensity level. We understand many people may feel intimidated to begin our CrossFit Program due to false perception or lack of a fitness baseline. The Riptide Boot Camp is a great solution to get you back into shape and may be used as a gateway into our CrossFit Program.

Boot How? A typical Boot Camp session begins with a timed warm-up consisting of mobility drills and dynamic stretches. Immediately following, instructions are given for the intervals or drills of the day, which vary from day to day and include light weight, body weight, and core exercises. At the end of each session the group goes through a cool-down stretch. All classes begin and end within 60 minutes time.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the difference between Riptide’s Crossfit and Boot Camp Programs? 

Both programs are scalable to suit each individual’s skill and fitness level. CrossFit classes vary day-by-day and week-by-week to exceed fitness capacities, and is defined as a “Strength and Conditioning Program to pursue the best athletic performance possible of each individual. Boot Camp classes also vary daily, however, the main focus of this program is to increase “cardio” (endurance training), and to help get into better shape through weight loss and body tone.

The notable differences between the two are:

CrossFit athletes must complete the Fundamental’s Course before beginning classes. Boot Campers do not.

CrossFit classes devote some time to strength building (barbell movements) and skill sessions (gymnastic movements). Boot Camp classes devote the entire time to cardio exercises and core drills; some light kettle bells and dumbbells may be used.

CrossFit classes use weighted barbells. Boot Camp classes do not.

How many times a week should I participate in the Boot Camp program? 

As with all exercise programs and regiments we believe that rest is as important as training. We commend a minimum of two full days of rest per week.

How do I choose which days to participate in the Boot Camp Program?

All days of Boot Camp are programmed with different work-to-rest ratios. The physiological benefits of interval training can be accomplished using any of our training days.

Can I do Boot Camp and CrossFit on the same day?

We do not recommend performing Boot Camp Interval Training and CrossFit on the same day. Individually both are programmed to provide the necessary stimulus to attain your goals; overtraining, which may cause injury, could be a concern. Additionally, exercise-induced cortisol release (which attributes to adipose fat) may increase due to long duration of training.