Try Something New for 30 Days

Let’s all take 8 minutes (5 after the video) and think about what we would change for 30 days. Post your thoughts to comments.

Motivational Week

Some of you have just started working out and some of you have been at this for a while. But my goal this week is just to show some motivational content that will help us think about why we push ourselves to the brink day in and day out. So while these stories may have nothing to do with what you are going through let’s all take a minute to reflect…


Burgers and Fries, surprise surprise! Expect the unexpected.

Black Friday

Box will be closed for morning classes and will resume at 5 PM Three Rounds for Max Reps 1 Minute KB Snatch L Arm 1 Minute KB Snatch R Arm 1 Minute Ring Rows 1 Minute Strict Pull Ups Post reps to comments

Happy Thanksgiving!

Gym will be closed for Thanksgiving. Enjoy your time with family and friends! We will be back on regular schedule tomorrow. 3-2-1-EAT! but before you do… 4 Rounds for time of: Row 500m 25 Overhead Squats 15 Burpees Rest 4 minutes

N=1 The Greatest Experiment of All Time

Ever feel like this? N=1 The Greatest Experiment of All Time There is a lot of data and research out there and often we hear from TV personalities, Doctors and now your Coaches different (and conflicting) things. So where do we start? The answer is easy, start with yourself. When you read research you have to keep a lot of …


Just East Real Food You will hear it from me and you will hear from any other Coach that we bring in here, I promise (we will only hire someone who truly believes this!). I am borrowing this concept and saying thanks to Sean Croxton from Underground Wellness for spreading the word on this concept. He amongst a huge community …

Miracle Mile

Sprint 400 meters 25 x Kettlebell Swings Farmer’s Walk with heavy dumbbells the East and West sides of the block
Waiter’s Walk with heavy dumbbells the South and North sides of the block 25 x Box Jumps Sprint the East and West sides of the block
Walking Lunges on the South and North sides of the block Burpees x 25 Sprint 400 …

Intro to Tempo Training

Program the tempo, or lifting cadence, of every exercise you perform in order to gain strength and speed. Using varied tempos is one of the best strategies you have for breaking though plateaus and getting better results in the gym. Using tempos that meet your training goals will not only make you stronger, but tempo can also be used to …

Gym Etiquette

Call it what you will but I assure you that if we all do our part this will make everyone’s lives easier if we all follow a few simple rules when it comes to gym etiquette. 1. Be on time. It is our promise to you that we will always start classes on time. If you are late you will …