Part A:
Every minute on the minute for 10 minutes complete:
2 Jerks at 80% of your 1RM

Part B: Reebok CrossFit Open workout 11.1…


Reminder: Paleo Potluck Saturday night at Marie’s house. Directions are on the “upcoming events” board at the gym.

Part A:
4 Rounds not for time of:
10 Ring rows @31X0…

Paleo Potluck

For time: Complete 30 Body weight Back Squats (3/4 body weight for women) 1 mile Run This Saturday night Marie has invited us all to her house for a Paleo Potluck! Feel free to come whether or not you are doing the challenge and get some recipe ideas! The potluck will start at 6pm and Marie will put her address …


Don’t forget we still need your Google reviews. We have had one review so far and we could use all the help we could get! Follow this link and post anything that you would like to say about Riptide and it’s crew! Thank you again!!   Part A: Spend 15 minutes working on a gymnastics skill Part B: In 20 …


For time complete:
30 Wall Ball Shots
15 Power Snatches (135#/95)
30 Wall Ball Shots…

It is your Health Part 1

17Jan2013 Part A: 4 Rounds not for time of: 10 Ring rows @31X0 10 Handstand Push Ups @31X0 10 Push Ups @31X0 Part B: 2000m Row for time   We have been open for just over 2 months and we have been growing more and more and as a Coach I watch you all come in day in and day …


Complete 100 plyo push -ups
stopping every minute on the minute to do…

We Need Your Help!

15Jan13 Part A: Spend 12 Minutes build to a standing max height Box Jump Part B: Complete 3 rounds for max reps of: 1:00 Row (calories) 1:00 Push Press (95#/65) 1:00 Power Clean (95#/65) 1:00 Box jumps (You must open your hips at the top by standing, and you must step down. No bounding will be allowed) 1:00 Overhead Squat …


Part A:
6 Rounds for max reps of:
1:00 Goblet Squats (32kg/24)
1:00 Rest

Part B…