Our Mission

Helping to promote strength in our community is invaluable, especially beginning amongst our youth. Many young people lack the proper environment, mentorship, or education in order to thrive mentaly and physically. Our CrossFit Outreach Program in conjunction with the Big Brothers Big Sisters helps to promote these values using many different tools and methods that stretch beyond fitness.

The word “STRONG” has multiple meanings and definitions. Our past generations knew what “STRONG” looked liked. We want our youth to know what “STRONG” feels like. We want to strengthen our community’s outlook on life, friendship, sense of accomplishment, moral values, healthy lifestlye, sports education, and the importance of a positive environment.

Here’s how it works

Our Program begins with a 5 week strength and conditioning camp for kids who are actively involved in the Big Brothers Big Sisters foundation of Broward County. The kids begin day 1 by partnering up with one of Riptide’s Volunteering Athletes who becomes their personal training partner over the duration of the 5 week program. Classes are held every Saturday afternoon from 12pm – 1pm for the duration of the camp.

What happens after camp?

Once the 5 week camp has ended, those children wishing to continue on with our Youth Outreach Program will get filtered into an ongoing year round after school program; and a new group of kids will enter into another 5 week camp. This continuing program will help to provide a consistent safe and positive environment filled with positive role models who will help support our cause. Your donations and support will aid in maintaining this program year round.

How can you help?

Our program needs your support in order to offer our youth the proper attire, equipment, and resources required in order to efficiently participate in a balanced CrossFit program. Here are a few of our ideas, goals, and needed supplies.

There are few things that all CrossFitters need to start out with. It’s our goal to provide our youth with these essentials in order to kick off their opening day in our program. The essentials include a sports bag, a water bottle, a jump rope, and proper training shoes. Providing these items given to our youth will also help promote and teach them responsibility. Each child will be responsible for bringing his or her own equipment to class.

Funding will also aid in maintaining our facility, equipment, staffing needs, and program requirements. It’s our goal to consistently raise money through donations, grants, and sponsors to support this year-round outreach project with the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Broward County.