Partner Wednesday

Riptide CrossFit – CrossFit


PVC Pipe Warm Up

Review Split Jerk and Snatch


Split Jerk (5 x 2)

2 Split Jerks, slightly heavier than last week.

We will go for a 1 rep max next week, so focus on hitting 2 heavy reps, with good technique.


Metcon (Time)

In Partners:

12 Rounds…for time:

3 Squat Snatches RX:135/95 RX+:155/105

6 T2B

9 Box Jumps RX: 24/20 RX+: 30/24

(22 MIN CAP)
*Athlete 1 must complete 1 full round, then athlete 2 must complete a full round. Athletes must alternate rounds.

*Each partner must complete 6 rounds, for a total of 12 rounds between both.


Shoulder Stability

4 Rounds..not for time:

10 I’s, Y’s and T’s

10 (5/5) Single Arm DB/KB Press w/3 sec pause at top

10 Banded Face Pull Aparts