What Is Fitness?

What does being FIT and HEALTHY really mean?

The words and the concepts of being “Fit” and “Healthy” are being thrown around carelessly, making it more difficult for people to figure out what they really want and need.

It’s become very similar to the dating game, finding that “right” person just seems to get more and more difficult every day. Dating platforms are not really connecting people in the right way, and social skills are just so rare and miscued that it has become a very tedious and frustrating ordeal.

As it pertains to fitness and health, people are following trends, the media, and in turn feeling lost and unfulfilled in their journey of looking for the right program to fulfill these needs and desires.

People find great workouts, but mediocre trainers. Some find amazing gyms and training facilities, but are surrounded by superficial, fake and unmotivated people. You rarely might come across a good trainer, but the experience is short lived due to trainers moving on to other endeavors, just like that potential Mr. or Ms. Right moving away to another city, or to someone else.

So what can you do, to find the RIGHT program, that actually delivers the results you NEED and desire, is sustainable, fulfilling on all levels, and always continues to make you happy, while challenging your ability to grow as a person and be more FIT?

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