Happy Friday!

Riptide CrossFit – CrossFit


10 min Dynamic

Movement Prep

With a barbell:

3-5 min to review technique for Shoulder Press.

*Focus on keeping “core tight”, specific for the press.


“Knees back, squeeze the quads, squeeze the glutes , squeeze the abs”.

Take 3-5 min to work on proper position and technique for Pendlay Row.



E2MOM: Metcon (12 Rounds for weight)

Every 2 min on the minute for 12 total sets (6 of each couplet):

6 Heavy Back Squats + 4 – 6 Strict Pull Ups

RX+: 3-5 Weighted Pull Ups

*Beginners: Strict, ring to chest ring rows, w/a 2 sec pause at top of pull. Athletes may elevate the feet on low box to increase difficulty.

Alternating sets with:

6 Shoulder Presses (strict) + 10 Pendlay Rows

*Use a separate bar, from the ground.

Min 0 -2 : B. Squats and Pull Ups

Min 2-4: Shoulder Press and Rows

etc etc..

*Athletes may partner up and stagger movements

*For Back Squats, go heavier than last week (9/14)

*For Pendlay rows, athletes should perform reps properly, without jolting or jerking of upper body, focusing on proper position of torso during the movement.


Take 15 min to build to a heavy 4 rep Bench Press

*Do not bounce off the chest, and keep butt on the bench.

*On the descent, slow down to a controlled speed, in order to strengthen the eccentric portion of the lift.