Happy Hump Day!

Riptide CrossFit – CrossFit


10 min Dynamic


Ring Work – Muscle Up Progressions

Take 20 MIN to learn the muscle up progressions on the LOW RINGS.

*These progressions are to learn the strict muscle up, which is fundamental and a priority before kipping on the rings.

1) Ring Support + Ring Dip

2) False Grip + Ring Rows practicing false grip w/out losing it

3) Transition on the low rings

– False Grip + Ring Row to low chest/sternum + transition to bottom of dip + dip out

4) Kneeling Muscle Up

Increase difficulty by raising the rings, and or extending legs out.



2 Strict Muscle Ups


Metcon (Time)

For time:

550 m Run

21 Ring Dips

18 DB/KB Front Rack Lunges RX:55/35

15 DB/KB Power Cleans

400 m Run

15 Ring Dips

12 DB/KB Front Rack Lunges

9 DB/KB Power Cleans

200 m Run

12 Ring Dips

8 DB/KB Front Rack Lunges

6 DB /KB Power Cleans

(16 MIN CAP)
*Scale Ring Dips to Box Dips w/dumbbells, DO NOT do banded ring dips


Shoulder Stability

4 Rounds..for quality

8 I’s, Y’s and T’s

100 FT Waiters/Farmers Carry

10 Banded Face Pull Aparts