Partner Wednesday!

Riptide CrossFit – CrossFit


10 min Dynamic

Movement Prep

10 -15 MIN

AFTER dynamic warm up, Coach will take the class through some squat specific stretches/mobility work.

Focus on hips, calves and ankles. Athletes lacking front rack mobility should take some time to work on lats, shoulders, or anywhere else needed to improve front rack. Coach will help with these stretches.

**Make sure you are warm before doing any deep, static stretches, as it is BAD for your body to stretch hard, while still “cold”. **


Metcon (Time)

In Partners:

4 Rounds for time:

30 Burpees

30 Front Squats RX: 75/55 RX+: 95/65

30 Box Jumps RX: 24/20 RX+:30/24

(28 MIN CAP)
*1 Works, 1 rests.


3 Position Snatch

6 x 3 (1 Hi- Hang + 1 Hang(mid thigh) + 1 Snatch (ground))

*All must be squat snatches*