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Riptide CrossFit – CrossFit

WOD was created by L1 Seminar Staff at the L1 this weekend in Miami.


10 min Dynamic


HSPU Work/Gymnastics Strength

3 sets of:

20 secs of Handstand Hold

20 secs of Headstand Hold

Rest 1 min

3 sets of:

30 secs of max Negatives (from Handstand, lower head to abmat, then kick off the wall)

30 secs of Handstand Hold

Rest 1 min

3 sets of:

Max Strict HSPU

Max Kipping HSPU

Rest 1 min btw sets


Modifications to movements will include from the box, using DB, or working from the plank position.

Coach will appropriately modify for individual needs.


Metcon (Time)

4 Rounds for time:

200 m Run

12 Pull Ups

9 Power Cleans RX: 155/105

(14 MIN CAP)
**Scale appropriately to maintain INTENSITY.


Posterior Chain

4 Rounds…for quality

10 Deficit Romanian KB Deadlift

10 Supermans RX+: 10 Hip Extensions

10 Glute Bridges (unweighted/very light)

*For deficit deadlift, use small boxes to place feet, then lower 2 kettlebells, or one really heavy KB to slightly below the surface of the box, then lift to full extension.