Riptide CrossFit – CrossFit


PVC Pipe Warm Up

Focus on shoulders

Review technique for Push Press and Push Jerks.


Push Press and Push Jerk Complex (5 X 4 + 3)

5 sets of 4 Push Presses + 3 Push Jerks
*Athlete may build up in weight, but NO MISSES.

*Complex cannot be done too heavy due to volume of reps.

*Focus on technique


Metcon (Time)

For time:

30 Toes to Bar RX+: 15 Bar Muscle Ups

50 Air Squats

30 Power Snatch RX: 135/95 RX+: 155/105

Buy Out:

800 m Run

(15 MIN CAP)
*Aim to finish chipper under 11 MIN.

*If athletes has not completed 25 snatches by min 12, then athlete must stop and then complete the 800 m Run.


Posterior Chain

4 Rounds

8 Barbell Glute Bridges

12(6/6) Single Arm KB Romanian Deadlifts (5/5)

8 GHD Hip Extensions