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Riptide CrossFit – CrossFit


10 min Dynamic



Take 10-12 min to work on various pistol progressions.

*Don’t just use one progression. Attempt several as the variance will help you find your “sweet spot” to work on.

BEGINNER/INTER: Or athletes lacking leg strength, do Box Pistols w/a plate.

On a 24 inch box, holding a 10 lb plate like a steering wheel in both hands, w/arms extended, perform:

6 x 12(6/6) Box Pistols.

Begin standing, full extension, on one foot/leg, on a a box, w/other leg slightly out in front, over the edge of box. Athlete will lower themselves as low as possible or to below parallel, without losing balance, and then fully extend to standing again. The 10 lb plate is to help counter balance. The athlete may reach forward as needed to maintain balance and stability.

Athlete may touch resting/hanging leg on ground, but may NOT use the leg to “jump” back into lift. Attempt to perform without touching ground.


6 x 12(6/6) Bulgarian Split Squats

*Hold DB’s in farmer carry style, go AHAP w/out failing.


Metcon (Time)

4 Rounds for time:

400 m RUN

15 WBS

10 Deadlifts RX: 225/155 RX+: 275/185

(18 MIN CAP)
**225/155 is not a HEAVY load.

This is a moderate load and athlete should be able touch ‘n go and maybe break the set once.

**Scale appropriately to maintain INTENSITY.


Shoulder/Stability Work:

3 Rounds

8 Gorilla Press (4/4) (Single arm barbell press)

8 I’s ,Y’s and T’s

4 Turkish Get Ups (2/2)