Active Recovery

Riptide CrossFit – CrossFit


Dynamic Warm Up


Metcon (Time)


2 Rounds…for pacing/time

500 m Run

200 m Recovery Jog

400 m Run

200 m Recovery Jog

300 m Run
*During “recovery jog” the athlete significantly slows down in order to recover breathing and slow down heart rate. Think of a “lazy” jog.

*Pacing for runs should be about 60-70% effort, working to gradually increase pace as distance decreases.

*Top runners should aim for equal or faster times on 2nd round


Metcon (No Measure)


Hollow Rocks (2x)

Supermans (2x)

Med Ball Russian Twist (2x)

Flutter Kicks (2x)

2 Total Rounds

*Perform each movement twice, then do 2nd round.
*For MED BALL Russian Twist:

Athletes should use light med ball and attempt to keep arms extended, chest up and back straight while rotating trunk. Does not have to be a fast rotation.

*The med ball does not have to touch the ground. Focus should be on quality rotation without breaking the arms or midline.


Mobilize for 20-30 MIN