Team Building Wednesday

Riptide CrossFit – CrossFit


10 min Dynamic


KB Clean and KB Jerk -12-15 MIN

1) 20 Single Arm Russian KB Swings (10r/10l)

*Work on keeping arms relaxed, elbows slightly bent and down, in order to keep KB close to body

2) 20 Single Arm KB Clean (10/10)

* Work on smooth transition, slipping elbow through, landing w/KB resting on outside of bicep and forearm, known as the “pocket”.

KB Jerk

1) 10 Single Arm KB Strict Press (5/5)

*Work on proper KB rack position from the “pocket”, and pressing directly OH/ w/external rotation.

2) 10 Single Arm Push Press (5/5)

*Focus on proper dip and drive

3) 10 Single Arm KB Push Jerks (5/5)

* Pause for 3 seconds in the receiving position to work on shoulder stability and finding/feeling structural support over the midline.

DOUBLE KB Clean and Jerk (From the hang)

1) 10 DBL Russian KB Swings

*Focus on proper stance, grip, and rotation of hand to maneuver KB’s properly

2) 5 DBL KB Cleans

*Work on properly pushing away on the return to connect reps smoothly

3) 5 DBL KB Clean and Jerks

*Focus on properly returning from OH, to pocket, to swing and connecting reps smoothly.


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

In teams of 3


Buy In:

1800 m Row


30 DB/KB Hang Clean and Jerk RX:55/35

30 DB/KB Front Rack Lunges

150 DUBS


Shoulder Stability/ Strengthening Work

4 Sets:

10 reps of I, Y’s and T’s.

Rest 1 min

10 Single Arm DB/KB Press (5/5)