Team Up!

Riptide CrossFit – CrossFit


10 MIN Dynamic


Metcon (Time)

In teams of 3:

12 Rounds for time…

900 m Row

36 Pull Ups RX+: Bar Muscle Ups

36 Power Snatch RX: 95/65 RX+: 115/75
*Partition as desired

*One partner works, one rests, one hangs from the pull up bar

*If partner hanging drops, partner working must stop, reps don’t count. May resume once partner is hanging again

*If hanging is an issue due to shoulder injuries, or lack of grip strength, then scale to holding 45/25 lb plate in hands, NOT in the middle ring/hole. Must be “pinch” style”

*If athlete fails on Bar Muscle Ups after 2 attempts, scale to C2B pull ups.


6 sets of the 3 Position Snatch:

1 Hi-Hang Snatch (shoulders remain behind the bar)

1 Hang Snatch (mid-thigh)

1 Snatch (full, squat snatch from the ground)

*Try to do hang reps unbroken, without dropping the bar.

*Do not touch’n go the Snatch from the ground. Reset the grip.

*All reps are “squat” snatches.