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Riptide CrossFit – CrossFit




Rowing – 15 MIN

Improve your technique!

1)Setup Position and foot placement

2) The 3 Positions of the Stroke:

-Torso begins at 12 o’clock, extend legs to 11 o’clock, return through 12 and get to catch position at 1 o’clock

– Work these positions w/arms extended the entire time

-Athletes may pause at each position to emphasize proper form

3) The Catch

4) The Pull

5) The Return

6) Damper settings and pacing depending on body type, distance, units and volume of workout.



ADVANCED ROWERS: (Meaning you have amazing technique..NOT that you can grind through any distance on the rower)

**Do this instead of the skill session w/the class

6 Rounds

300 m FAST (Sub 1:40/1:50 pace)

300 m Recovery

*Goal is to hit the pacing standards every round

Movement Prep

Barbell Prep:

Take 3-5 min to warm up to OHS.

*Scale appropriately to go UNBROKEN at least first 3 Rounds


Metcon (Time)

5 Rounds

15 OHS RX: 95/65 RX+: 115/75

15 T2B

200 m Row/Run

(18 MIN Cap)
*RX athletes begin WOD as prescribed.

*Scaled athletes may stagger to begin on T2B, Row or Run.

*Athletes already good at rowing can run to improve on weaknesses.


Posterior Chain

3 Rounds

12 Weighted Glute Bridges

12 (6/6) Weighted Step Ups

12 (6/6) Cross Reach DL (Light DB/KB)