Feliz Viernes!

Riptide CrossFit – CrossFit


5 MIN Dynamic

Movement Prep

With a PVC Pipe:

Review Shoulder Press.

Review the Dip and Drive for Push Press.

Review the hip extension and receiving position for the Push Jerk.



Even: 3 Push Press + 3 Push Jerk

Odd: 6 V- Ups + 6 Hollow Rocks

*For presses: athletes may build up in weight if desired, but focus is on technique *NO MISSES*

Metcon (Time)



500 m Run

Rest 90 secs

400 m Run

Rest 90 secs

300 m Run

Rest 1 min

200 m run

Rest 1 min
*Scale distances to finish runs withing the following times, or FASTER:

500 m – 3:10 RX+: Under 2:40

400 m – 2:15 RX+: Under 1:40

300 m – 1:30 RX+: Under 1:00

200 m – 1:05 RX+: Under :40

Athletes who are still developing running capacity should scale distances to shorter runs, but at faster pace, maintaining consistency in 2nd round.

Goal is to hit same numbers/times as close as possible in the 2nd round.

Score is final time to complete both rounds.