“JUERNES” Translation: The weekend pretty much begins tonight.

Riptide CrossFit – CrossFit


Movement Prep

Bench Prep Work:

2 sets of:

20 sec High Plank Hold , immediately perform 5 push ups as fast as possible.

Superset with:

10 Banded Pull Apart

*Take a light band, hold out level to sternum, low chest, and w/completely extended arms, externally rotated, perform 10 pull aparts.

*Focus on retracting scapula and activating trap and upper back muscles to pull apart, w/control and as smooth as possible.

W/barbell only, on the bench:

1 x 10

5 sec descent(negative) w/explosive lock out, 3 sec pause at top

With light load:

2 x 5

3 sec pause at bottom of press(bar sitting on chest), explode up.

Increase load on 2nd set.

Determine load for starting 1st set of next piece


Bench Press (5 x 2)

*Rest as needed btw sets

*Do not lift butt off the bench (NO REP)

*SPOT each other.. no one lifts alone

*Build up to a heavy/max 2 rep


15min: Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

200 m Run

15 Med Ball Cleans RX: 20/14

10 BF Sit Ups



1 Clean (full)

*Work up in weight every min, no misses*