And then the CF gods created day 4…Active Recovery.

Riptide CrossFit – CrossFit




Take 15 min to work on progressions for DUBS

– Smooth singles, jumping high, rotating only wrists

– W/out rope, jump and tap your lap with hand doing “singles” , then double tap to simulate “DUBS”

– Work on jumping with tight midline, using stretch reflex system of feet and calves. Stay relaxed, tall and focus on rhythm of jumping.

– Incorporate double taps on laps, without moving arms, just wrists and hands.

-W/jump rope begin w/smooth singles, and attempt a double-under after 10 singles.

– Continue to practice, and attempt to connect 2 singles and 1 double without breaking.

ADVANCED: After completing flight simulator, work on triples for 5 minutes.


Flight Simulator (Time)

For time:

10 – 20 – 30 – 40 – 50 – 40 -30 – 20 – 10


(10 min Cap)
This piece is only for intermediate to advanced.

Each set must be done unbroken.

If you break, you must begin that set over.

EX: If you break on double under #49 in the set of 50, you must begin that set of 50 from 0.

Take as little rest as possible between sets.


Metcon (Time)

In Partners:

4 Rounds for time:

P1: 200 m Row

P2: Max BF Sit Ups RX+: GHD Sit Ups


P1: 20 Air Squats RX+: Pistols

P2: Max Push Ups


P1: 20 Box Jumps 20/24 RX+: 30/24

P2: Max Burpees RX+: To a 6 in target


This piece is intended only for advanced athletes.


Even: 8-10 Ring Dips

Odd: 4-6 Strict Pull Ups