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Disclosure: We are not nutritionists, licensed dietitians, or medical professionals. We are coaches with years of experience in training, food as fuel, and coaching athletes at competitive and recreational levels. Please take this blog as advise, but not fact.

By: Najeeb R.

Welcome to the Riptide Nutrition Blog! Here you can expect to read a tid-bit on nutrition, whether it’s a Coach’s 2-cents, a good recipe, or a copy-paste of a great article. Enjoy!

For Week 3 of the Accountability Challenge we are tracking our CARB INTAKE.


So let’s begin this week by peeling back the second layer and setting a baseline. Start off quick and easy…at the beginning of each class when we (the coaches) say “OK GUYS, talk to your partners and figure your carbohydrate numbers” begin the conversation.

Get excited to share with your partner what you ate yesterday, but remember, FOCUS on the CARBS you ate. Make sure you hone in on the “better carbs”,but also think of the “not so good carbs”.

Given that this week is a baseline, use it to define your carb intake, not only amounts, but quality of carbs.

If you need help remembering, use your NUTRITION JOURNAL on WODIFY and just pull it up when you come to class.

To count your carbs you may look it up, or use these estimates (emphasis on “ESTIMATES”). For a full explanation of pros and cons of each of these come to our next NUTRITION TALK to be scheduled in EARLY FEBRUARY.

45g Brown Rice, 1 cup

37g Whole wheat Pasta, 1 cup

36g Couscous, 1 cup

35g Wild rice, 1 cup

39g Quinoa, 1 cup

44g Beans, 1 cup

40g Lentils, 1 cup

27g Chickpeas, 1 cup

41g Split peas

24g Sweet potatoes, per

17g Beets, per

13g Tomatoes, per

12g Carrots, per

27g Bananas, per

35g Mangos, per

25g Apples, per

8-10g Most nuts, 1 cup

34g pumpkin seeds, 1 cup

8-10g most cheeses, 1 cup

11-12g most milks, 1 cup

17-19g most dried fruits, 1 cup