Let’s Get Protein!

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Disclosure: We are not nutritionists, licensed dietitians, or medical professionals. We are coaches with years of experience in training, food as fuel, and coaching athletes at competitive and recreational levels. Please take this blog as advise, but not fact.

By: Najeeb R.

Welcome to the Riptide Nutrition Blog! Here you can expect to read a tid-bit on nutrition, whether it’s a Coach’s 2-cents, a good recipe, or a copy-paste of a great article. Enjoy, and keep your mind open!

One common theme I have found in years of coaching is that giving an athlete complete information all at once, whether it be a 6 week program, or a new technique, or in this case a new diet, the athlete peaks quickly and deflates even quicker! In light of this, we will tackle this MACROS DIET thing, like an onion, pealing layer by layer, week by week.

For Week 2 of the Accountability Challenge we are beginning with counting PROTEIN. Again, we are not going GONG-HO and giving everyone exact numbers, laid out diets, and shopping lists…nope. We are letting this be more of a process of guided self-discovery (I just realized how cool that sounds!).

Let’s begin by explaining a quick bit about MACROS. BTW, I hate explaining too much to the group that was uninterested, or unwilling to invest an hour of time for the first Nutrition Talk we had on January 7th, but let’s for second give all the benefit of the doubt and say we were all busy feeding ones in need at the homeless shelter, and darn! we didn’t quite make it on time.

Macro-Nutrients are broken into three major groups: PROTEIN, CARBS, FATS. Most, if not all foods have a bit of each, but usually we group them together into one “macro.” The Macros Diet is simple in practice – eat the right combo of these three in relation to your health and fitness goals and see the results.


So let’s begin this week by peeling back the first layer and setting a baseline. Start off quick and easy…at the beginning of each class when we (the coaches) say “OK GUYS, talk to your partners and figure your protein numbers” begin the conversation.

Get excited to share with your partner what you ate yesterday, but remember, FOCUS on the PROTEIN you ate…not so much the yummy OREA DONUTS, or the SUPER LAVA CHEESE CAKE or whatever else you guys can find to screw your head and emotions up…lol

If you need help remembering, use your NUTRITION JOURNAL on WODIFY and just pull it up when you come to class.

To count your protein you may look it up, or use these estimates (emphasis on “ESTIMATES”). For a full explanation of pros and cons of each of these come to our next NUTRITION TALK this Saturday at 9am.

High Protein Dairy and Eggs:

– 23g GREEK YOGURT, 8oz

– 14g COTTAGE CHEESE, 1/2 cup

– 8g SWISS CHEESE, 1oz slize

– 6g EGGS

– 8g MILK 2%, 1 cup


High Protein Meats:

– 23g STEAK ROUND, 3oz

– 18g GROUND BEEF 95% lean, 3oz

– 24g CORNED BEEF, 3oz

– 26g PORK CHOP boneless, 3oz

– 24g CHICKEN BREAST boneless skinless, 3oz

– 24g TURKEY BREAST, 3oz

High Protein Sea Food:

– 21-25g Most FISH, 3oz

– 22g CAN TUNA, 3oz

High Protein Grains:

– 12-18g Most BEANS and LENTILS, 1 cup

– 8g EDAMAME, 3oz

– 7g GREEN PEAS, 1 cup

– 8g QUINOA, 1 cup


– 12g SOBA NOODLES, 3oz

– 6g WHEAT GERM, 1oz

– 12g TOFU, 3oz

– 6g MIXED NUTS, 2oz

– 8g PEANUT BUTTER, 2 tbsp

– 1g JERKY, 1oz

– 18g PEPPERONI, 3oz

– 21g CHORIZO, 3oz


– 18g ROAST BEEF, 3oz

– 21g SARDINES, 3oz

– 24g ANCHOVIES, 3oz

– 25g OCTOPUS, 3oz