How to Utilize Personal Training

Personal Training is a premium, no question about it. Basic economics explains why its a premium; you pay for a single fitness professional’s undivided attention, program design and kinesiology education. This is why small group training and large group training are the best bang for your buck when it comes to a general fitness class.

So why would you need personal training?

Being that personal training is exclusive – or semi-exclusive if you are training with one other person – it allows for the trainer to tailor the session(s) to exactly what your individual goal is. It is similar to tutoring in school, when you want someone to focus on your needs and your specific learning style, you seek out a tutor or some kind of educator, this is the same thing with fitness & movement. Areas where you may be lacking in your fitness & movement education are as follows:

• Basic primal movement patterns unloaded (body weight) and loaded (barbell back squat)
• Complex movement patterns – skills like Olympic Lifting and higher tier gymnastics
• Nutrition – what to eat for your lifestyle goals and general health
• Energy zones and programming for goals

This is where one and/or multiple personal training sessions are worth the investment in your health and will pay off when you are in your general fitness class or working out on your own. Associate personal training with personal education in your health and fitness journey – think of it as preventative health care.

Similar to personal training in refinery of subject material, anytime that you have the option to take a seminar or workshop on a fitness subject material that interests you, do it! The better you understand movement, anatomy and physiology the easier it will be to reach your goals.