Week 12 of our Barbell Cycle

Week 12 of our Barbell Cycle. This week we are approaching the 92% range lifts. This is exciting as these lifts should be close to your 1RM, however, get this out your head and trust in the system. If you have been following the program thrice weekly on the lifting end, and doing all the other work on Tuesdays and Saturdays, you should have NO PROBLEM hitting these higher percentages…Mental Tougheness this week!Reminder – here is the setup for our 6 week phase:

Week 1 – 82%
Week 2 – 87%
Week 3 – 92% – THIS WEEK
Week 4 – 87%
Week 5 – 95%
Week 6 – 100%

Next week we have a deload-ish week where we back off, tighten up the bolts and ensure everything is in place technique-wise and just making sure your body is in a good place to get through the last two weeks of the year – 95% and 100% of your goal.

Regarding these numbers, YES we are excited to hit the percentages, but remember, this is a sport…and as such, these numbers are never perfect nor are they the same for every individual. Every athlete will react differently…so if these numbers are challenging, and when in doubt, always stick to proper technique and forget the numbers at such point…never abandon our core principals – every lift should be performed safely and efficiently.

Last note, everyone is looking awesome the lifting days. Just keep having fun and let things flow as you climb this final ladder of the year to end the year with a PR. Every session this month should be fun, and enjoyable. Keep your mind right and as long as you enjoy this stuff and your heart is in it, you have only one way to go, and that is up…

For all of those enjoying this wonderful strength curve and eager to hit PR’s, great if you hit some last week, but the next three weeks hold off, hang on…do the work and enjoy our 6th week properly…If you bite the bate on week 4 or 5 and just load up the bar, we can’t guarantee you will be at you 100% on week 6. Why? Check out our INSTAGRAM.

Lift Heavy $hit!