​Week 8 of our Barbell Cycle

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 11.00.58 AMWeek 8 of our Barbell Cycle. This week begins #GAINZ-o-clock!In the past 7 weeks we have seen our program increase in volume. A basic format for our Mon-Wed-Fri sessions has been:1. OLY Technique (hang, box, complex)2a. OLY T&G Sets (3RM, 5RM)2b. ME Gymnastics (30sec, 60sec)3a. STRENGTH Lift (BS, FS, Press)3b. ACCESSORY WORK (Stepups, etc)Our format for the next 4 week cycle will be more or less the following:


1. OLY Technique (hang, box, complex)2. OLY T&G Sets (3RM, 5RM)3a. STRENGTH Lift (BS, FS, Press)3b. ACCESSORY WORK (Stepups, etc)4. WODThe gymnastics portion we have worked in an isolated manner before will now be implemented into wodding. The WODs will be used to increase and test work capacity, as well as test both basic and complex gymnastics skills during a timed trial. We are very much aware that all our athletes still need work on their gymnastics, and such time will be sprinkled in through the week in several ways A.Short training sessions during RX+ B.Homework Sessions C. Warm-ups during RX+ D. WODsBy this point in the season, we are aiming at maximizing your time under the barbell and optimize your strength, task which takes great amounts of dedication and time, where the gymnastics movements, although equally as important, can be tackled much easier and through other methods, such as homework sessions, and through WODs.To further explain this: when faced with a time constraint, be it that we have 60 minutes per day and you are near an event you must perform a given task, those 60 minutes are alotted to the skill or strength which is most lacking. In our RX+ population, the glaring deficiency compared to other competitiors in the region, is strength…which is why we dedicate so much time to it during our group sessions. So, although some of you might be inclined to say “HEY! But what about me? I still dont have those perfect butterfly pull-ups…” ​Make these a top priority as part of your homework and find some time to work on it whenever possible.For this week we will have sessions in the homework to work on several things including some skill accessory work for complex gymnastics.Now it is time to implement our “COMPETITION” days. Most days (4 days per week) are training days. Although you let your peers push you and you push their performance, these days are designed just for that – training. On COMP days, we will have a WOD or a LIFT in the format of a competition. This is ONLY to begin driving that competitiveness into all you guys are girls inside the box, further than just the numbers you lift. On WOD COMP days, which will mostly be Fridays, the WOD will be no holds barred, to get AFTER IT. On LIFT COMP days, we will have a certain protocol in which the lifts will be executed and these will be to compete against one another. These will be graded as you would be at a competition, regarding proper form, etc…and you will have a limited amount of lifts after you’ve warmed up to perform. These days will usually be on Saturday Morning, but will sometimes be worked into Fridays, depending on that week’s programming.It’s time to take what you’ve been working on, skills and strengths, and put them to work. Our heavy metcon season is coming up, and after the next 7-8 weeks we begin METCON Nation…where its all about Work Capacity…for now, Lift Heavy $hit!Note: We are working warmups as a group, however, if you cold show up 10-15min earlier to perform your own mobility work that would be to your benefit…we will be doing more active stuff as a group, but less stretching.********************************************