Week 7 of our Barbell Cycle

bodybuilding-arnold-schwarzenegger-body-2073455944Week 7 of our Barbell Cycle. This week is a transition week. Before we go into that, let’s examine last week’s results.Monday was a great day of training. Most of you guys really started tackling the technique aspect of the lift and we saw everyone improving all around. Everyone is noticing the little things now that we have been grinding for 6 weeks of this specific cycle. It’s funny to see the excitement in everyone’s faces when we announced we had a WOD. A few months ago we (the Coaches) were approached by many of you asking “when are we going to focus on Olympic Lifts…” Now everyone is wondering “when are we going to WOD more?” It’s great to keep it varied. Either way, the time has come to sprinkle in some wodding. More on this later.Tuesday was awesome to see EVERYONE hit major improved numbers on their pause squats. The week we started this I remember most of you guys were resilient to go north of 205#. Now we have everyone in the mid 200s into the 300s. And the girls really are pushing major percentages on their squats now. Great to see. Remember, these bottom squats aren’t necessarily to improve your 1RM. At this point we don’t give two rat’s a$$es about your 1RM…what we are shooting for is strength and just being familiar with the nightmare that is being at the very rock bottom of a squat. Coming out of there unscathed is what we are gunning for…and this is going to improve all your lifts. After all, coming out of a heavy clean is ALL about that bottom squat strength.

Wednesday..one word – AWESOME. Everyone is moving MAJOR weight on their cleans and its just so pleasant to see the progress. Again those bottom squat holds help in committing to the bar on a heavy clean. And the speed under the bar was definitely improved for most of you guys and gals.

​One thing we noticed was that most of you guys experienced the difference between the High Hang plus Hang, and the Hang plus High Hang complexes. These two are WAY different. Going from top to bottom generates less torque and power, and is used to work on speed and technique, while going from bottom up generates increased torque and power. We saw almost ALL our lifters have increased numbers when transitioning from one to the other this week.Friday was fun and again, like the snatch, we’ve noticed most of you guys’ mentalities shift from “HEAVY JERK” to SPEED and TECHNIQUE. Most of you guys reaching your upper limits have noticed that without technique you wont go much further.About this coming week: We are transitioning into the third phase of our barbell cycle, which will include MORE variety of lifts, less volume per exercise, and a heavy METCON most days. Remember, our focus is still getting stronger and more agile with the bar, so our bias is still bar-bar-bar…however, we will see a variety of lifts daily…these are ACCESSORY lifts.

The first phase was just getting used to an increased volume of lifting..the second phase was used to sharpen technique and to really begin finding some of your numerical limits (momentary limits – these WILL be pushed), and now we begin to increment our volume of active lifting…this means, we get to do some accessory work to further sharpen our lifts, along with WOD with short and heavy to get used to the heavy demands of competitive WODs.

So, back to about this week – we transition, which means this week we perform LESS volume…its sort of a rest week, but not really. A typical day this week will look like this:

Lift: Snatches
Skill: Work on HSPU technique
WOD: Lift a ton ten times.

This week we use the OPEN WODs from 2014 to take first measure of our work capacity. We will revisit these through the next three months at least twice to gauge progress. Granted, it would’ve been nice to do these at the beginning of the past 6 weeks, however, we probably aren’t that far along on work capacity yet since we have only worked on strength and technique. Now comes the “GETTING JACKED” part.

This week DO NOT COME TO OLY LIFTING ON SATURDAY. REST and come to MOBILITY and WOD at 900am and 1000am respectively.

On November 10th we begin our 3rd Phase which will run for four weeks. 4th phase beginsDecember 8th through the end of the year and around January 5th we go into the OPEN training Phase. To be noted, and more on this later, but the 4th phase will be a transition and will be lighter in volume than its 3rd counterpart.

Technical? Sorry…not really…Feel free to ask your coaches about all this stuff…we are more than excited about sharing anything about our cycles, etc.

Lift Heavy $hit.