Week 6 of our Barbell Cycle

westside1Week 6 of our Barbell Cycle. Taking note of you guys’ (our athletes’) attendance and performance along with your comments we have several observations to go over.

Our RX PLUS program has been focused on three days of heavy training, two of active training, and one of active recovery, weekly.

Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays have been dedicated to one of each of the lifts – Snatches, Cleans, Jerks – along with some power lifts – pause backsquats, behind the neck push presses, etc – and some gymnasteez – HSPU, Pull Ups, etc.

Some pointers to optimize your training during these days:
1. On the LIFTS from the hang, or the boxes, or jerks from the rack, stick STRICTLY to working on technique, and only allow yourselves to increase weight when you are SOLID on the given weight. SOLID means SOLID. These lifts are finesse lifts, and will develop if you are strict with yourself on the temptation of racking up weight with improper technique. Sure coaches can keep an eye, but we can only suggest at very best for you to do or not do weights…ultimately its up to you, the athlete to choose your weights for the day. Also, set yourself goals for the 4 weeks of each wave we work on. Example – cleans off the blocks, week 1…don’t go out aggressive. Work up to a comfortable weight. Next week inch up closer to your 1RM full clean…and by the third week, try to, WITH PROPER TECHNIQUE inch up closer to your 1RM, if not, hit your 1RM.

About hitting your 1RM from the blocks or the hang…do remember from these positions you have way less power to generate torque and velocity on the bar than from the floor. So only intermediate to advanced Olympic lifters should realistically be getting 90% or higher coming from the blocks.

Lastly regarding this point, if you ask “Coach(es), why don’t you guys post percentages to work off of?” This has a  two-fold objective: A. train our athletes to “go-by-feel.” B. to not force athletes to hit weights that might be “too hard”

​2. The POWER LIFTS are done to generate strength to tackle any task (OLY LIFTS, HEAVY WODS) more efficiently. These should be done at MAX EFFORT. This means, all sets should be challenging. No, they shouldn’t ALL be at, example, 5RM…but they should all be pretty darn close to your 5RM or 8RM (whatever we are working on). So remember, don’t slack on these sets and do the first set so light, that you don’t even reach 50% of what your last set’s weight is. Be conscious of your weights and truly challenge yourself week after week. If in week 1 you hit a 5RM pause front squat of 155, then week 2 you should be hovering around 80-90% of that from your first set.

3. The GYMNASTICS movements are done to increase your work capacity in such. They are isolated OUTSIDE of a WOD scenario, but still performed in an uptempo pace, in order to get better at them without worry of having to do another task before or after. Now, “Coach, what if i cant do any the gymnastics movement today?” If you cannot perform the gymnastics task at hand, you must work on some type of scale down to increase technique, strength, or both in order to reach the end goal – to perform the movement as prescribed. i .e. Handstand push ups = handstand holds plus DB presses. Or HSPU off the box.

4. These days we always have super-sets, where we perform movements back to back with a certain timed rest in between. These are to be performed ON TIME…THAT IS the challenge. For those who have asked about “more cardio” here is your answer: perform everything as prescribed INCLUDING THE TIMED RESTS and you will see the increased work capacity you will reach. Will you be your fastest ever? no! but you will keep most of your lungs (motor) through this heavy cycle.

Tuesdays and Saturdays:
1. Tuesdays are a WOD day, in which you get to perform the CrossFit class as your WOD. If you skip these days, there went your “cardio day” for the first half of the week. This day after the all-lifting mondays is meant to change it up and get your motor going.

2. Wodding on Tuesdays aids in muscle recovery in that you get to move around, possibly run or row in the wod, and enter day 3, Wednesday ready.

3. Saturdays is a day we have noticed many athletes miss. Discussions regarding schedule aside, this day we are focusing on ONE Olympic lift, from the floor (here is your 1RM day), and a fun WOD.

Within those five days of training you have three lifting days with tempo training, two days dedicated to wodding, and on Thursdays you have active rest – running or rowing..meant to aid in recovery.

Most of us, nay, all of us are in it for the fun. We are all amateur exercisers, so the intensity and the frequency of each of our training is based on the individual, but here is the full explanation of the full RX PLUS competitor’s program. Next time you say “we aren’t doing enough _____” we will refer you to “week 6 of the blog (insert happy face).”

Lift Heavy $hit.​