Week 5 of our RX PLUS Strength Cycle is here!


Week 5 of our RX PLUS Strength Cycle is here! We fought through three weeks of adjustmentivitis, mental strugglenization, and went through a week of “deload” (“really Coach? Deload my ass” – verbatim from one of our athletes) and are ready to go into phase-ii of our beloved fall program.Phase-ii looks similar in that we are focusing on strength and moving the bar. We want to be able to DANCE with the bar, flirt with the bar…play with the bar…not just lift weights with the bar. We ran the first four weeks of programming to see how everyone A) Adjusted to the volume – ANSWER: just fine…everyone is good through the entire week by now. B) is positioned to train a strength/OLY lifts-biased cycle ANSWER: Everyone is happy, but we have some knowledge to drop.Such knowledge is covered herein…but first let’s talk programming for the week.This week we have:Monday: Full sleight of SNATCHES, PULLUPS and BSQUATS. We continue to work on SNATCHES, however, we change to a PAUSE SNATCH where we pause at the knee for 3-sec during the snatch, then pull and catch. This is also known as a SEGMENT SNATCH.The primary purpose of the segment snatch is to reinforce a certain position or positions during the pull and strengthen the athlete to improve their ability to achieve those positions during the snatch, or to reinforce the movement into or between certain positions. It can also be used as a hang snatch variation to limit the distance and time the lifter has to accelerate and elevate the bar, improving rate of force development and aggressiveness. Tuesday: We train gymnastics with the CrossFit class, a nice WOD and reverse Hypers as accessorrie work. A note on this day. We (Coaches) have noticed not everyone is partaking in the homework on Tuesdays. That is fine and dandy, because this program if by choice, not forced upon any athlete…however, for those of you who do not do the accessorrie work, SUCH AS the rev-hypers, and later have weak pulls on your lifts, aching or pulled muscles in your back, or simply do not feel strong at the oly lifts, there is one good reason..the accesorrie work is being skipped. So remember, no problem, your choice, but there is the diagnosis to many of your problems…The REV-HYPER is not just a random minor movement…it is essential accessorrie for the program we are running at the moment.Wednesday: We run into a new friend…stay tuned for the CLEAN COMPLEX we will be doing as we do away with the boxes on all our oly lifts for a few months….single tear. Thursday: For those of you who are concerned with looks and “cardio” and “not enough wodding” come in and do the RX PLUS HOMEWORK on Thursday. DO NOT WOD, if you are following to a T, but do the running work…it will aid in your recovery and will also aid in your “lack of cardio.” Friday: We have a treat when we add a twist to our JERK session..that sounds so bad. We couple the jerk with a front squat for a more realistic scenario during a lift…more on Friday..stay tuned..Saturday: As part of the RX PLUS programming we do the LIFTING class on Saturday mornings…We will be working on Snatches during this class.Onto the “knowledge” to be dropped. This is directly for our athletes doing this program. This week we will be talking about Goal-Setting. Why are you doing this program? With what purpose? What are some end goals or some mid-term goals you may have. Goal setting is very important. Being in the middle of a strength cycle gives many athletes, if not most, mid-war syndrome…the phenomena that happens when you are in the middle of a war and you start losing sight as to why you are even fighting in the first place. So reminder: The Rx Plus program is offered for those athletes who want to excel in the sport of Exercising (CrossFit). Be it being a Games or Regionals Athlete, being a local badass, or just getting better at the sport because YA FEEL LIKE IT, it is an accelerated medium to reaching the goal of GETTING BETTER @CROSSFIT..aka to PR STEVE as #GAINZ.The RX PLUS program is not your usual CrossFit program. It is a program designed similar to those programs Regionals athletes tackle during this time of the CrossFit season. After getting stronger than you were September 1st, 2014, by December 29th, 2014 we will begin our “Cardio” cycle, in which we focus on regaining our lungs and you will find that after a few weeks your body will be more ripped, more shredded, and far more productive (higher work capacity at higher volume – aka more badass at picking up heavy $hit). So keep on keeping on…if still in doubt, think of this – If you think you are strong enough already, simply follow the SIMPLEST programming out there for a WEEK, CROSSFIT.COM, and follow it RX – as prescribed. If you can do everything RX, within an acceptable time cap, then forget doing a strength cycle…go ride your bike on the beach and show off your bod…but if you still could not do the simplest and most effective programming released by CROSSFIT.COM as prescribed, that means you have some strength gains to make in order to be up to par in your hobby of competitive exercising, aka CrossFit. Let alone try to be competitive at it outside of our Black Box Walls. Hint!Lastly, HAVE FUN..the OLY LIFTS are not meant to be intimidating…More on this topic on Wednesday.Eat More, Booze Less, Beard Thick, Squat Low, Win Everything!