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healthy-heartAccording to research studies, it is found that alcohol consumption on a day of training is actually more harmful than alcohol consumption on a rest day. Why? Because alcohol consumption has a negative effect on protein synthesis (protein production and reconstruction), reducing the rate by nearly 40%!

Alcohol disrupts your sleep: It increases your deep sleep and decreases your REM; REM is the time during sleep where testosterone production peaks and we all know testosterone has a huge influence on protein synthesis and building large strong muscles.

Alcohol is bad for your gut… literally!: When alcohol enters your body, your liver metabolizes it into an enzyme called acetaldehyde before excreting it completely. This leaves the toxins in your body for much longer periods than you expect. Fun fact, women have less of this enzyme and in result, take longer to break down the alcohol. Ladies, drink smart! when acetaldehyde is created, it causes the tight junctions of the gut to grow leaky. Leaky gut = less nutrient absorption, less nutrient absorption= less food for muscles to support training and recovery.

Alcohol is dehydrating: Dehydration doesn’t just mean you’ve lost water, it means you are losing tons of electrolytes and other essential minerals such as magnesium, sodium and potassium which are vital in maintaining the hormonal environment at homeostasis for muscle protein synthesis #gainz

So… if you’re hanging out and having a few drinks, maybe it is best to consume alcohol on rest days rather than on training days.