Week 6 of our Rx Plus take over.

kc-and-take-over-worldWeek 6 of our Rx Plus take over and it’s now time to say “WE ARE TRAINING!”

Most of our athletes participating regularly in the program are experiencing positive adaptation and will now begin to see improvements across the board.

The first 5 weeks of training were, from our point of view, getting the body ready for training. Athletes are not readily available to lifts heavy on a daily basis without proper preparation. Let’s take a look at our recent transition weeks.

Week 4 of our take over was a semi de-load week where we had only 4 training days, where 1 of them was a light light day. Our sessions looked like this – 11 Sections of Total Work.
1 Snatch, 1 Clean, 1 Jerk
1 Power, 2 Skill, 3 WODs

Week 5 of the parade was comfortable and we saw everyone with renewed morale as all lifts were hit and we had close to no misses all week. We saw almost no increase in time devoted to OLY, but a huge increase in POWER LIFTING sessions (with lots of love for the dreaded bottom hold front squats), and almost double the WODs from the prior week – 17 Sections of Total Work.
1 Snatch, 2 Clean, 1 Jerk
5 Power, 3 Skill, 5 WODs

Week 6 we tackle a whole other monster – 24 total sections of Work:
3 Snatch, 3 Clean, 2 Jerk
5 Power, 6 Skill, 4 WOD

This week we see an increase in everything. Oly lifts will be nicely distributed through the week, with a Snatch 1RM test by the end of the week. We continue sprinkling 3×8 sets on all our Power lifts, and we will be tackling a lot more skills this week. The WOD sections decrease and might decrease even more in following weeks.

Remember, right now we are in the strength season…where we only try to load up on ammunition, so when we go back to wod wod wod season prepping for the OPEN in late January, we are plenty strong to feel like a 75# snatch (OPEN 14.1), is NADA!

PS. This week we invite all of you to come in on Thursday for ACTIVE RECOVERY.

Eat More, Booze Less, Beard Thick, Squat Low, Win Everything!