Week 5 of our Rx Plus take over

crossfit-actually-coolWe have reached our final week for our current strength cycle (Backsquat and Bench), and will be testing today and tomorrow! Give full effort and remember, this is only the first test of a major 4 month cycle, so if your numbers aren’t great, no big deal…Just have to keep at it, trust in the system.

Our barbell cycle begins its second week in which we introduce the way we will be really working these sets, super-setting with a body-weight movement. For the next three weeks we work on PLANK HOLDs. We hit a 5 rep set of snatches, rest for 2 minutes, and do a 60 second PLANK HOLD, followed by a 2 minute rest. We add weight and by the third set we flirt with a 5 rep max (5RM). After three sets are done, we unload the barbell to 85% and go for a ME set. Two notes – make sure your grip is good so chalk up or do what you may to ensure such (straps allowed), and also you do not have to perform the plank again. Save it for the skill sesh!

Skill sessions continue today with your favorite, pull ups! Today we back off the strict pull ups and work on kipping or butterfly. We increase our rep count to 10 reps every minute for 6, and will continue to increase next week.

Lastly, we increase (slightly) our volume this week to keep adjusting to all the lifting. Within 3-4 weeks we will hit our peak and be doing the volume we need to do for the rest of the fall. Last week we did 1 snatch session, 1 clean, 1 jerk, 3 strength (2 squat and 1 bench), 2 skill (pullups and hspu), and 3 wods (tues, wed, fri). That totals 11 sections of work. This week we will hit 18 sections and will keep increasing the next.

Please feel free to submit feedback to your coaches on how you feel as the volume is increased. Keep eating and hydrating, and SLEEP! Other than that, have your fun, but remember, alcohol slows progress…just a thought for those who want to excel.