RX Plus – Words from the Coach

There is a 3hr slot to come in and do the Team Wods. The jerk off the rack are in place of the push press for the class And the backsquats are to be done as homework. Do not do both push press and the jerk. This is counter productive for the strength cycle.

 Be advised that in three weeks we will be hitting our maxes again to retest and continue for the fall. By then we dont really expect that everyones numbers are at ur best but we expect everyone to give a decent and realistic performance on ur max lifts to then base ur maxes off of for the rest of the fall. The reason why we didnt test initially coming off of crush games is because this was a priming or warmup up to a decent 1rm and then we will really dive into folliwing percentages as strictly and humanly possible.

 Today santi was talking about hitting a 3rm jerk of 225# and got in my head. So i was working up to my 95+% set which was between 215-225 and just went for it. … Times three lol

 By today the squats should be hurting a lil less. Ur system is getting used to the volume. If it is still punishing u we need to talk nutrition. U r most probably under eating. In the rx plus wod we will begin to put up some explanatins blog style so check it out and read. If any questions we r here!!!