Monday 8/18 WOD

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CRUSH GAMES AMATEUR WOD #1…Push yourself today and watch the clock attentively. Today is all about mental preparation…it is not to get better, because by now training for the last few months has given you everything you’ve got…all we are aiming at doing by doing the WOD today is to get mentally used to doing it exactly as prescribed.

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:25: Metcon (Time)

21-18-15 Hand Stand Push Ups
12-9-6 Snatch Complex @95/60#

Complex: Snatch + Hang Snatch
At 7:00min mark, go to ROWER and ROW 3min until 10:00min mark for max Meters. If done with this WOD, put your time in. If not done, when the ROWING is done at 10:00min mark, come back and finish up WOD. Your score will be your total time regardless of the 3:00min ROWING. Example: If you need an extra minute to work on this WOD after rowing, and finish at 11:00, then your score is 11:00min. Do not deduct the 3:00min from the ROWING.

:32: Metcon (Distance)


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