Monday 7/28 WOD

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‘Nother Monday and we are back at WORK! Today we will continue with our Multi-Week cycle of Front Squatting and of the Clean Complexes for the RTC Athletes.

For the Front Squat: Our favorite movement right? Today we get to work with a longer duration where we move 6 sets of a heavier weight (85-95%) over 12 minutes. If you are comfortable with this movement or follow the RTC program, shoot for that 95% range…If you are still new to Front Squats, then stay conservative at 85%-ish.

For the WOD: We will be doing the Summer Crush Games Amateur WOD #1 which you will see our athletes complete this year. Have Fun and keep in mind, at CRUSH you will only have a 7min Cap, so keep steamin’ ahead.

For RTC: Preferably, you would follow the order: Clean Complex, Front Squat, WOD, RTC WOD. Notice that the RTC miniWOD is actually the first part of the Team WOD for Crush Games. This is done on purpose despite having done this work already twice last week.

Stay Happy and Get Fit!

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Coach’s Choice


:20: Front Squat (Rx@85-95%)

1 Rep E2MOM For 12 minutes


:40: Metcon (Time)

Wall Balls @20/14#
Power Snatch + Hang Power Snatch @95/65#

Road To Crush

Clean and Jerk (@85-90%)

EMOM for 12min
Hang Clean + Jerk

Metcon (Time)

50 Double Unders
40 1-Arm DB Ground to OH @55/30#
30 Box Jump Overs @30/24″

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