Wednesday 7/23 WOD

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It’s Wednesday and for most of you it is the third day of training, so push but be very in tune with your body…listen attentively as it tells you its limits.

The Deadlift: Don’t get too eager to increase the loading. It’s ok if it doesn’t feel too challenging – trust the progression and avoid the typical CrossFit Type-A notion that you have to hit a new PR every day.

The WOD: The Prescription on this WOD is to Row, however, running will work as well. For pistols, we are aware most of you might not have them down, it’s okay – just do pistols sitting onto a box…this will help. Keep your shoulders safe during the Knees to Elbow but stay true to the movement – DO TOUCH the elbow or arm if you are doing this as Rx.

RTC WODmini: Same exact movements as last week…you should be learning how to perform the movements better and able to more confidently perform them with greater intensity.

Be Happy and Stay Fit!

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Coach’s Choice


:15: Deadlift (Lift Exactly Every 2 Minutes)

10reps @50%
10reps @60%
10reps @65%
8reps @75%
6reps @80%


:35: Metcon (4 Rounds for time)

250m Row or 200m Run
12 Alternating Pistols
12 Knees-To-Elbow
60 Sec Rest

Road To Crush

Metcon (No Measure)

3 Sets, not for time:
8 Good Mornings @30X1
45 Sec Rest
8 Supine Ring Rows
45 Sec Rest
8 Reverse Hypers
45 Sec Rest

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