Monday 7/7 WOD

Main – CrossFit

The SQUAT: Stick to the time domains given and on the last four sets, feel free to go for a PR on the last or last two sets.

The WOD: This is an un-scored WOD…meaning, no glory but the grunt and work. So choose the correct weight and movements for you. It is long, so a steady pace does it. The goal here is to be working with short breaks of 20-30 seconds during each minute to teach your body the sets it can knock out and the appropriate rest needed to work a full 15 minutes. Show your work capacity BEASTS! Also, please be advised that ladies and gents are doing different rowing amounts. If you are doing RX PLUS, then do EVERYTHING prescribed as RX PLUS. If you are doing RX then do everything RX, but don’t pick and choose what you do in RX PLUS.

The SNATCH BALANCE: Game plan this section so that you stay within the time domain. Make sure you stay safe and are absolutely hitting each squat snatch before you go up on weight. Do not feel like you have to PR today if you aren’t feeling it.

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Coach’s Choice


:20: Back Squat (Follow The Rep Scheme)

Rest Exactly 1min Between Sets
Rest Exactly 2 Minutes Between Sets

*105% of 1RM is the MAXIMUM you should attempt today. Save more for another week since we will be going for 105% often now.


:45: Metcon (No Measure)

15min EMOM
Min 1: 6 Power Clean @#135/95
Min 2: 6 Pull Ups
Min 3: 10/8 Cal Row (Men=10, Fem=8)

Rx Plus:
Chest To Bar Pull Ups
12/10 Cal Row

Road To Crush

Snatch Balance (Full Squat)

Work Up to a 2RM inside 12min

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