Friday 6/20 WOD

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We now have a live FUNDRAISER on Crowdrise for Coach William. It is called “Iron Will Cause” and it is run by our sister non-profit organization Gifts of Hope. We will be running a 5k to raise money for him next week on Saturday 28th at 10AM. Check it out on our Facebook and on Crowdrise and lets donate to help the cause!!!

Our final squatting day for a two month power cycle, and an exciting one at that. Today some of you guys and gals will be doing a Max Effort AMRAP of your old one rep max, some, within 5-10#. When you do tackle that set, focus on breathing and doing one rep at a time! Don’t think of how close you are from your one rep max, rather think “Do I have enough for one more rep?” after each repetition.

Ideally on this 95% AMRAP you want to achieve at very least 5-7 reps, but truly becoming proficient when you go into 10-15 repetitions. To some this might seem crazy, but there is nothing crazy about it! We are in the business of lifting weights…remember, it is all in how you approach each repetition after the last. The bar should go up and down until dropped to the floor, not re-racked.

For RTC followers – drink a cup of cement and toughen up…when in doubt refer to Rule #3.

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Coach’s Choice


:15: Back Squat (3@50% 5@75%, 3@85%, AMRAP@95%)


:35: Metcon (Time)

5 Rds For Time:
6 Front Squats @135/95#
100m Run
12 Toes To Bar
100m Run

Road To Crush

No Oly Lifts or Accesories – FOR A REASON…don’t do more today, just 2 lower body and 2 upper body mobility drills after all is said and done.

Put full effort into the squats and the WOD as tomorrow you are to do plenty of lifting.

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