Monday 6/2 WOD

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Today we begin the second four week wave of the strength cycle for athletes on the Road to Crush Games. For this cycle you must adjust your 1RM for calculating your percentage lifts. For Bench and Strict Press we will be adding 5 to 10 lbs to our Maxes. For Deadlift and Squat, we will be adding 10 to 15 lbs to our Maxes. However, if you have been getting less than 5 reps on the AMRAP sets, add 5 lbs to all maxes, and not more. Be mindful as this strength program ONLY works with appropriate percentages to lift a minimum of 5 to 10 reps on the AMRAPS.

Also, this week is our THROWDOWN. If you are participating, please go light on your lifts and treat each WOD as oil for your joints and muscles to keep you moving properly, but stay away from getting too sore and tired.

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Coach’s Choice


:20: Power Clean (Take 20min to Practice Technique)

RTC: Treat this as WU for Power Clean off the Blocks.


:40: Metcon (Time)

12min AMRAP of:
Run 400m
20 Pull Ups
20 Russian KB Swings @24/16kg

Rx Plus: Strict Pull Ups, KBS @32/24kg

Road To Crush

Power Clean (5RM from Blocks (Above Knee))

Deadlift (5@65%, 5@75%, AMRAP@85%)

Bent Over Row (3×10 AHAP, Rest 60sec)

Reverse Hypers (3×20 AHAP, Rest 60sec )

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