Run-DEE-MC. Riptide’s April Athlete of the Month

cid_671Welcome to our 2nd edition of Riptide’s Athlete of the Month. We are suuuuper excited to have Demetra Frohring, AKA “Dee”, AKA “Run-DEE-MC”, AKA “Beast-Mode”, AKA “DEE-BO”. Dee is one of those people who radiates good vibes and is always a pleasure to have in the Box. She comes in and gives 110% during every workout. If you ever need a little motivation to help you run faster, go harder, or really push your self, then set up right next to her and get after it! Dee was also kind enough to share some of her before and after pics since joining Riptide CrossFit. As you all me know, this can be a very tough thing to do. Especially sharing with people who you don’t necessarily know. Please show her love and support and thank her next time you see her at the box for helping raise the bar and being a role model to each and every one of us. Sooooo…. without further adieu, we give you the Mix Master herself, “Dee”.

If you’ve ever heard the song titled, “B^@*#” then you should already have a pretty good idea of who I am, but in case you aren’t a fan I’ll give you the lowdown. My name is McFiddle dee Diddle and I am a 31 year old produce pimping, organic cooking, cloth diapering, running, wine drinking, kitchen dwelling, chore hating, self development obsessed, praying, loving, loud, coffee consuming, minivan driving, CROSSFITTING, soccer mom to three awesome boys.

People were raving in my ear about how much I would love CrossFit long before I was willing to put in the time to check it out.

“Psh… who needs crossfit? I run. I lost all my baby weight twice running and I can do it again this time too!”

It was easy to ignore the voices in my ears telling me to CrossFit until suddenly this brightly colored little box popped up in the parking lot near my office…. HELLO RIPTIDE! I stopped by to get some information right after it opened, but I was in the throws of motherhood with my third baby and I told myself I didn’t have the time. It didn’t help matters that I hate regular gyms… I hate using machines.. I hate working out inside. However, the sheer amount of mucle tone lost to motherhood and cardio alone was becoming evident. My numbers on the scale were good, but I was still 2 sizes bigger than I was the last time I was at the same number. Something had to change. I needed a drill instructor. I needed someone to yell at me and make me do something I didn’t like to do. So, on a bet, in early November of 2013 I joined Riptide Crossfit. The wager? $1000 for a new wordrobe… IF… I could complete 2 months of CrossFit 3x a week. Psh… TOO EASY! GAME ON!

My first on-ramp class was with Najeeb and he was all, “Welcome to Crossfit – Let’s do FRAN.” I thought I was going to die and I knew this was a match made in heaven. Veteran + CrossFit = LOVE. 🙂


At the first group class I didn’t know anyone. I felt confused about the language and the regiment for classes… I felt silly picking up a bar.

“Am I doing this right?” “Holy cow look at that chic go!” These were the thoughts running through my head.

I saw what others were doing and began thinking… “I’m going to do that.”

My first three goals were as follows:

#1: 3x a week – check!
#2: More Protien – check!
#3: Double Unders – check!

Right away I got to work on the double unders as they seemed to show up pretty regularly. For two weeks I walked around looking like I had gone a round or two in Christian Grey’s red room of pain, but with consistant effort I eventually won and the whip marks began to fade.


My current goals:

#1) Pull ups – do one strict pull up by the Revolution Games in April
#2) Complete all 5 WODS in the open to the best of my ability
#3) Mobility Training
#4) Get faster
#5) Unassisted Handstand
#6) Revolution Games in April

The 2014 CrossFit open is my first taste of competition and I’ve surprised myself so far. Friday night, to my surprise, I PR’d my deadlift @ 185 pounds for 3 reps. I didn’t know I could do it, but the amazing thing is… the rest of the box did. Now that I’ve been bitten by the bug, I’ve decided to move on and register for the Revolution Games April 12 & 13, #6 on my current Goal List. I hope to see many of my Riptide family members there too! It is as exciting to cheer all of you on as it will be to compete myself.. Love my Fit Fam.

From the left : july 2013, November 14th 2013, December 19th 2014






Ahhhh My FitFam… this maybe the very best thing CrossFit has to offer. As an Army Brat and an Army Veteran myself I have longed to find a community that offered the same consistancy and support that I had in the Army. CrossFit has definately done that for me. The community I see growing at Riptide is pretty awesome. Getting involved on a social level with the people I workout with has allowed me to maintain accountability and work ethic in the gym. I know when I hear “Pick up the bar Dee” it isn’t because they want to see me fail; it’s because they know I will succeed. They know this because they have taken the time to get to know me. There are lots of new things happening this year at our little box in Fort Lauderdale and I’m so excited to be a part of it. Thank you to all of the members and to you Najeeb & Corey for pushing me.. for putting in the work.. for keeping me in check… and for creating this super cool place where we can be healthy and strong together. You want to be a better CrossFitter? Get to know the people you work out with. Encourage them and they’ll be there to encourage you when you need it. That motivation will be what gets you that one extra rep, or in my case during the 14.3 WOD of the Open… 3 extra reps. #OneLove.

“Today I will do what other people won’t so that tomorrow I can do what other people can’t”

Peace Peace

– Dee

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