Why WOD with Strangers?

partner-wod-trojan-crossfitBy Najeeb Reyes

Aren’t elevators awkward? You are confined to a small space with several people which most of the times you have never met. You have the “smellers,” the “talkers,” and the best, those individuals who don’t seem to understand what Personal Space is. They are unaware of walking real estate. We all want these rides to end as soon as possible, don’t we? Similarly we have other places, such as large LA FITNESS-style gyms, which can turn into such places of discomfort. After all, we are all there to feel better, but many times we feel intimidated by the guy next to us walking around naked in the locker room, or for the ladies you might feel bothered by the “Casanova” who is making the gym his own pick up club. This is the reason why so many people have their headphones on during their entire time at such a gym, avoiding eye contact at all costs. But let’s think, have we ever seen one of us at our CrossFit box hidden in their headphones? Sure, we do have the occasional fiend who runs to see and answer their texts once or twice a class, but certainly no one ever with headphones, at least not at ours!

So why do people choose to leave their headphones at home when coming to the Box?

At Riptide we have one main objective, to build a community. There is more to our box than weights and WODs – there are friendships made every morning and every evening, not to mention the tight knit group we now have at our noon class. Once our worst and most empty class, now it is probably one of the best groups to work with, all pushing each other, helping each other with technique etc. As a side note, I have to say at times I ask myself – “Is it bad so and so is helping him/her with that clean technique? Am I falling off here with my coaching?” But then reality kicks in that THIS is what we want. We don’t want to be the truth holders forever. We want those more experienced athletes to help their peers, we want everyone to look to their side and be concerned for their friend. So this is absolutely ok!

Life is hard enough as it is, and when you come to the Box to decompress, CrossFit doesn’t make it any easier. Each rigorous WOD turns into another task to tackle, a mental hurdle to stride over. But we do it, and why? Sure, a few do it out of self discipline and motivation, but doesn’t the environment, those familiar faces, those same grunting voices of those around us sharing the pain help at all?

So why not work out with friends? Next time you come in the Box, go up to a member you don’t know by name, and say hi! Introduce yourself, and look out for them in the WOD…Even compete a little and make it interesting! Even if one is doing more weight than the other, it’s the spirit and intensity that counts! And this coming month of February make it a point to bring a friend in! Share the wealth of health through CrossFit! Don’t hold it to yourself as “your thing” which you post pics on Facebook daily for the dozen LIKES! No! Bring in a friend, not for the Box’s business, but for your own self. Wouldn’t it be fun to come in daily and have all your friends at the Box? It’s happening at Boxes worldwide, now let’s make it happen at Riptide!

On a second side note, having a buddy to train with you only will push you further than you’d ever push or let any of us coaches push you…guaranteed! Corey and I, for example, every single WOD finish within 1 minute from each other, with most WODs being just under 15 seconds difference. At competitions we place in consecutive order, and you got to wonder, does him being a 5’7″ 160lb individual, and I coming in at 6’2″ 195lb warrant for us to be in very similar shape regarding our results in WODs and lifts? It makes no sense physically, and the only explanation is the stimulus that we get off chasing each other’s times and weights when we are at the Box! Hopefully this gave you the push to bring in your best friend too, and share this wonderful change you are going through.

For more info on how to bring your friends to the Box for a trial class or two weeks free, and for you to save on your next month of CrossFit, contact us and we will fill you in. You can get a free month per friend you bring in, and they can be getting in at cheaper rates than the general public, just because we like you!  🙂


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