January 29th WOD

A. 533m Run
Mobility WOD – Couch Mobilization (Pg 331)
Mobility WOD – Bottom Squat Hold 3min

B. 8 sets of:
Tempo Front Squat @ 31X1 + 1 Front Squat @80% of 3RM
(3sec descent, 1sec pause at bottom, up quickly, Rest 1.5min between sets)

C. 3 Rds FT:
10 Power Cleans @135/95#
20 Barbell Weighted Stationary Lunges @135/95#
30 Pull-Ups
**20min CAP

After C, rest exactly 3min and then:
D. 3Rds FT:
Run 800m
30 Kettlebell Swings @32/24 kg

**If you come in a second time to the gym:
E. 2500m Row

F. 5 sets of:
Row 60 seconds @ 70-75%
Row 30 seconds @ 85-90%
Rest 2min

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