Broward Affiliate Cup Recap and Thoughts

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By Najeeb Reyes

First of all, congratulations to those of you who participated in the Cup this year. This was a great event which featured 1 scaled team and 1 Rx team for most participating boxes in Broward. This was our first year participating as Riptide athletes, and did so in the Scaled division.

The first WOD featured a one-barbell, 15 minute time-cap, “Clean Complex” challenge. This complex was composed of 1 power clean, 1 hang clean, 1 thruster, all which had to be completed without dropping the barbell. All six of our athletes shared the bar for the fifteen minutes as we went through the weights attempting our max effort lifts. The ladies, Shannon, Mitzi, and Tainah went first and hit 70, 80, and 100 lbs respectively. The guys, Corey, Najeeb, and Cam went after hitting 180, 185, and 205 respectively. When it was all done we had all hit our max weights and were pleased with our efforts. We placed 19th in the first WOD out of 21 teams.

The second WOD featured two barbells, one for the ladies (45lbs), and one for the gents (65lbs), with which we completed an ascending ladder of 3, 6, 9, 12, 15… of Burpees and Snatches inside a 12 minute time cap. As the clock started both men and women worked simultaneously, with one of each working at a time. This WOD had our name written on it, as we reached 500 repetitions total, beating 12 of the 21 teams, placing 9th in the WOD.

The third WOD was a “Chipper” consisting of 75 dubs, 30 alternating lunges, 25 KB swings (24/16kg), 20 Burpee Box Jumps, and a 50m spring. This was to be completed in a boy-girl order in sequential order. By this third WOD we had a great number of supporting athletes from the Box show up and root us on as the clock started and the 12minute time cap begun ticking away. We got most of our athletes through the WOD, except for the last athlete, Shannon who finished all but 18 dubs. We placed 12th in this last work out locking in at 14th place for the weekend.

Although our team didn’t make the podium the faces and the attitude of all our athletes after we got back behind the bleachers to convene was priceless. All our athletes were not only happy to have competed in their first competition, but also hungry for more. We all wanted to go train, hit the gym again and begin working on our athletic deficiencies.

We learned how to work as a team, and we also saw the level of the competition. All in all our athletes all mentioned we all need more time in the gym, focus more on strength, and come out to the next competition again soon so we may “re-test.”

We hope this event made not only the competitors hungry, but also all our athletes who came to support. Perhaps we can all see that these competitions give us something to strive for without putting the pressure of anything really serious behind it. We do it because we love the sport, and nothing else.

The next major competition in the area are The Revolution Games, which will welcome athletes of all levels to compete, as well as teams of two (one man + one woman). We hope to train hard and have a majority if not all our athletes participate in this event. For more information go to or ask Corey or myself, Najeeb, as we will tell you our game and training plan.

As you may see beginning today, we have added a section to our programming called “Competitor’s Homework.” This is some extra work for those of you who would like to take it to another level regarding your training. Some days it will be significant work, others it will be only an additional 10-15 minutes of work. For all comments or questions regarding our Competitor’s Program please feel free to communicate with us using any medium.

Thank You for all the supporters who came and for pictures visit and LIKE our Facebook page.

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