January 2nd WOD


Happy Holidays to All who make up the Riptide Family.


It’s that moment where we say ‘Goodbye 2013’ and ‘Hello 2014!’ In this end of the year letter, we want to go beyond thanking our families, our friends, our members, and want to share our vision as we move forward into the New Year.

Our vision for 2014 goes beyond CrossFit, and outside the Box. We are not flattered by the prospect of running a business out of the box, but instead want to continue to build something special. We don’t only want to have a place to work out, but also a place where people find a piece of themselves – whether it be through self-improvement, making friends, helping others, or just having some good ole fun.

During this next year, we are committed to making our movement, the Riptide movement, something even better. We want our family to grow, sharing the wealth of health and fitness through CrossFit. We want to bond during the tough times of a work out, during the tough times of the year, and during the tough times of life. We are a family. A young one at that, but let it be known, that our family gets stronger by the day.

We don’t want to promote CrossFit only as a “Strength and Conditioning Program,” but instead as a way of life. Will it define us? Not 100%, but it will impact us. It changes the way we walk, the way we talk, the way we feel, and even the way we think and feel. How did it feel every time we heard positive comments from our friends, families and coworkers about our changes in appearance, in mood, etc? Didn’t we enjoy every time we did something we never thought we could – a Handstand Pushup, a Pull Up, a Muscle Up, a quick Mile Run, a 5k? How about every Personal Record (PR) we set this year? Let’s share this happiness with our community. Let’s continue to bring in our friends, our families, all around us to share this healthy change from within.

This year, our goal is to be healthy…and our commitment is to share this wealth! We want to continue with a community-based mentality, where we train, we celebrate, we cry, and we fight for what we all believe in. No more ‘Globo-Gym’ mentality, where we are nothing else but a member number…let’s each of us make this Box our own. In 2014 we not only accept, but encourage all our members’ feedback, requests, etc.

Blessings to all of us and our families!


Warm Up
3 Rounds (NFT – Not for Time)
10 Front Squats (empty barbell)
10 Push Presses (empty barbell)
10 Thrusters (empty barbell)

3 min AMRAP
Thrusters (95/65)
Rest 3 mins… Then
3 min AMRAP
Deadlifts (165/115)

4 Rounds (NFT)
12 K2E (knees to elbow)
12 Ring Dips
25 Butterfly SitUps
8 HSPU (handstand push ups)

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