One Year and Counting!


Saturday Nov. 9th 9am-2pm

Riptide CrossFit will be celebrating it’s 1 yr anniversary and we want everyone to be a part of it!

This Saturday join us for a day of PR Setting and Record Breaking while we celebrate our growing community of friends and fellow crossfitters.  We will be kicking off our brand new Record board by hosting a number of different “Girl” workouts such as Fran, Diane, Jackie, Grace and others.  We will also be challenging everyone to set records for the heaviest OLY lifts… Think you have the fastest Fran time or the heaviest Clean and Jerk??  Come out and put yourself to the test!  THEN JOIN US LATER….

Saturday Nov. 9th 7pm-???

At our local cantina, TAP42 just down the street.

Come out for a drink or two with Riptide CrossFit, meet box members that you haven’t met yet, watch us shave Rob’s beard and sell it on Ebay, and have a good time kicking off your Saturday night in good company.

And now for the sappy part…

On behalf of the Riptide Staff, we would like to whole heartedly thank each and everyone of you for making Riptide what it is today…  Its been a long year with many ups and downs, good times and rough times… But one thing that has stayed consistent throughout everything has been the comradery and friendships inside the Box.  We’ve had beach WODS, a Local Thowdown, a Roho Kitchen Fit Camp, a Teen’s Strong Program, and many other great things happen in our Box, with many more to come.  We have been blessed to have been surrounded by such a great crowd of people and want to thank everyone for their support not only to Riptide, but also to each other everyday by pushing one another beyond what we all thought we were capable of doing…  We have seen so much growth and progress from everyone over this last year and look forward to keeping these great vibes going on… and there is no price that can be put on that.  We look forward to wrapping up this year and moving into 2014 with a NINJA KICK TO THE FACE!

Soooo…… We hope to see everyone come through the box saturday morning!



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