Newsletter – September 2013

Greetings to All!

As the summer of 2013 comes to an end, our staff at Riptide Crossfit would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your support and for being part of a growing community. We pride ourselves in building a healthy atmosphere of comradery, self-improvement, and awareness, and are happy to see the turnout of like minded individuals coming through our box.

Past Events:
Looking back, this summer we were happy to host several events including:
• Two beach WOD’s, where shared good food, a good sweat, and fun under the sun.
• Our first ever THROWDOWN, where competitors of all ages, and fitness levels, competed for prizes, and most of all, bragging rights in the box for months to come.
• Roho Kitchen Catered Event, where we featured Chef George, Vanessa, and their Crew who brought us delicious food, showed us their new Paleo-Meal Plans, and shared a great Saturday WOD.
We had over 500 GroupOn and Living Social clients come in over the summer to join us in the fun, and we are happy to see many of you who joined our community for good. Our sales hit a regional record with the GroupOn corporation thanks to the already great atmosphere and service we provide.
New Programs:

Yoga & Mobility A large focus in our Box has been to introduce to our clients to the Crossfit methodology and philosophy, to teach how the body can be pushed, and how the physical improvements carry over into mental and emotional as well. As we head into our second year of tenure, we are directing our efforts not only towards welcoming new body’s into our exciting community, but also to advance in the techniques of Mobility and Injury Prevention. Although the changes you might find in the class will be introduced in a subtle way, we aim to help each and every individual in elasticity, mobility, injury prevention, and injury rehabilitation (non-clinical). One great way to get and stay fit and healthy is to join us in our Yoga classes. Kim, our newest addition to the team (Summer ’13), is holding it down with the great Stretch & Flow Yoga classes, where core strength, and body integration is a focus. We want to stress, Crossfit and Yoga are not to be two separate activities, but instead great compliments of each other. Bummed shoulder, Lower Back Pain, Knees cracking? Don’t settle! Let’s get 100%! Look out in our upcoming events for the Yoga Gangsters Challenge!

CrossFit Kids/Teens : Riptide is happy to begin a Crossfit Kids/Teens program the last week of September.  We are excited to bring a high level of fitness to kids in our local community.  Please contact us if you or someone you know is interested to learn more!

Upcoming Events:
September 14 – River Walk FLL Find Your Fitness Event – Riptide Crossfit will be one of the featured guests in this great event, promoting the Sport of Fitness and Lifestyle we live – Crossfit!

September 22 – Yoga Gangsters Challenge – We will go as a team and complete 108 Sun Salutations for charity. Join us in one of the biggest Yoga events Worldwide!
Sign Up at the Box! or here!:

October Events to be determined!

November 9th – RIPTIDE CROSSFIT TEAM INVITATIONAL – This is the event of the year, not to be missed. We will begin the afternoon with a fun competition, inviting other local boxes to join, and party into the night celebrating our 1 year anniversary. More info coming soon!

Holiday Season – We believe in giving back to the community. Please stay tuned as we intend on doing charitable drives for Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays!

New Prices:
To all current clients – please be advised that we are releasing new prices as of September for all our new clientele. All our current clients will grandfather their same rates without change as long as accounts are kept active and up to date. Any account changes will be subject to the new rates. For new rates please visit our website.

Riptide Blabber:
Where are we going next? that is the eternal question. We, here at Riptide, get bored with staying in the same place…be it mentally, physically, etc…Our daily WOD surprises keep us going, but they arent the end of the road, nor should they be yours. They are merely a preparation for what we truely want to do, whether it is to play soccer, to surf, to kite, to skate, or to simply be functional with no back aches, or knee pain. As a group we are headed towards total body awareness – Our staff is competitive, but loves staying healthy. We have slightly different goals than other boxes – where most of the industry is going main-stream and competitive, we want to keep the competitive edge, but focus on building COMMUNITY. We want to know every single member personally, and break the BIG GYM barrier of Coach / Member, and introduce the friendships that will carry on as the years go by.  Where are we going? Come be a part of our vision and let’s define the path together. Let’s get healthy together! Let’s have fun together! Let’s push each other! Let’s pick each other up! Let’s get Younger, Stronger, Faster, and Happier each day! Join the ‘Tide! Riptide Crossfit!

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