What a Day to be a CrossFit Coach in Ft Lauderdale!


Every minute on the minute for 12 minutes complete:
200m run (on odd minutes)
5 Chin Ups & 7 KB Swing (on even minutes) from balboacrossfit.com

What an amazing day on Monday! You all came back into the gym ready to get to work! Out of over 20 people that came into the gym yesterday, all but one hit a new personal record (PR)! We have been focusing on building explosive power, and more and more you are all showing off your hard work.

On a side note, we have taken most of the final measurements, and the numbers cannot lie! We had 5 people out of the 7 that started complete the Just Eat Real Food challenge, and the numbers are beyond staggering. I have to admit I am not surprised (and I have not, and will not ever doubt any of you) but I am glad to see how awesome you have all done. I will talk with all of the participants and maybe we can get some before and after pics to show you all.

That all said, Rob and I talked after the gym closed last night and we both agreed that yesterday (amongst many) is what being a Coach is all about. Thank you all.

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